Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marble Painting!

How apt that the follow-up post to Beauty in Failure is the fixed project! We have been so busy this month that we haven't really had a chance to do projects at home, but once I tracked down some marbles, we set to work on getting our marble painting on! And it turned out to be really fun and much more successful than using beads!

What you'll need: Thick paper (I used card stock), marbles, a pan with high edges, tape, and WASHABLE paint.

Tape the paper to the pan. Place dots of paint toward the edges of the paper. I like to put mine on the paper so that my little one can finger paint as well.

Place the marbles in the pan and hold the pan to rotate the marbles around. The marbles make cool paint trails. Toddlers love it!

 We even put the pan down and pushed the marbles around with our fingers. We had marble races. I don't really know who won, but we had fun!

Finished Product!