Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everyone Loves a Gift Basket!

I'm going to a good friend's wedding this weekend. I'm traveling pretty far, so gas is really eating up the gift budget. I decided to go with a homemade gift basket. Why? Because it's fun to make and really easy to personalize! On a side note, it's also a budget friendly! I'm actually really hoping she doesn't see this post until after her wedding, but if not. Happy Wedding gift! I hope you like it! Now act surprised when you open it!

The theme for this particular basket is Breakfast. So it's a Breakfast Basket. I love alliteration! I purchased a basket, small muffin pan, muffin mix  (I wanted to get this special kind but the grocery store discontinued it. boo!), hot chocolate packets, and I personalized two mugs.

I found this great tutorial for using Sharpies to personalize mugs. I made my own stencils for the letters. I found a font I like on the computer, printed the letters, cut them out, and traced around the stencils with a pencil on the cup. Then I went over it with the Sharpie. Bake the cups at 350 degrees for thirty minutes and Voila! Personal mugs! But they're hand wash only!

It was actually a really fun little basket to throw together. I hope they enjoy it. All I have to do now is wrap it up! Oh and drive 6 hours with two kids;) Wish me luck!

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