Saturday, October 13, 2012

Princesses in the House

 We had two rainy days here, so we got all sorts of crafty and made us some princess crowns. This is for real. We made these bad boys in like 30 minutes. (If you don't count the mess up mom had with the sewing machine. I do not profess to be seamstress, but I'm trying.)

Need: fabric glue, felt squares, scissors, pencil (if you want to trace out a pattern on the felt), sewing machine, thread, and elastic. 

1) Use the pencil to trace an outline of your crown on the felt.
2) Fold the felt square in half and cut out the crow shape. (I was only able to get one crown out of one square of felt. Maybe if you do some fancy finagling or make the crowns smaller you can get two out of one square.)

3) Measure the elastic around your child's head without stretching it. You will need the elastic to run behind the child's head to a little above her ears. (You can see the elastic in on the white crown below.)

4) Then added some bling! I couldn't find my fabric glue, so I let the girls use regular glue to place their gems. I then removed them and used hot glue to really fix them on the crowns. It would have been easier if I had my fabric glue.

 But I think they turned out really good for the little time I put into them! My princesses must agree because they have been wearing them for two days in a row.


 Aren't they cute?

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