Friday, October 24, 2014


 Halloween is right around the corner! So what else do you have to do with your time besides make a game for kids. Okay, there are truthfully a million things I should be doing, but as an assistant room mom in my kindergartner's class, I figured this is a much better use of my time.

I used the tutorial found here. It's super detailed and given the amount of time I spent making this project, I will spare you from my own interpretation. Just don't judge my pictures against their professional spread. Ain't no body got time for that!

One thing I did do differently is texturized the blocks with paint. This idea arose from the necessity to avoid a Pintrest fail. I decided to "Save Money" and only purchase black and white spray paint. This was a bad idea because the paint I had on hands did not cover the blocks. . . . So I had to take some alternative measures to complete the project.

I spray painted the ghost white and the mummy black. Then I spray painted the remaining four blocks with Krylon Cream Indoor/Outdoor spray paint (I happened to have a can in my craft closet). Then I painted each block with a mixture of water-base and acrylic paint. The Krylon spray paint caused a cool waterproofing effect with the water-based paint. Then the acrylic paint helped it stay.To achieve the textures, I used different paint brush techniques.

Frankenstein/Jack-o-lantern: I used a straight up and down stroke. With the spray paint base this gave these blocks a streaky appearance.
Pink Monster: I smashed the brush on its side to create a fan like stamp. I jazzed up the mouth with some jewels. (Who doesn't love a little sparkle?)
Purple monster: I painted the block with straight up and down strokes. Then I globed paint on the brush and tdrug it in squiggly lines to create a hairlike texture. I also used yarn for some hair.

Now we are ready for some Boowling with Kindergartners on Halloween! I'm also planning on displaying these bad boys when they're not in use as pins for our game. So it's a win-win. Game and decorations all in one!

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